📣📣 Take part in the FREE Training Seminars of the MEDINNO project on Zoom!
👉 14 September 2021: Module 4 “DIGITAL MARKETING” – MEAT INDUSTRY: https://bit.ly/3A7rJ7z
👉 16 September 2021: Module 4 “DIGITAL MARKETING” – DAIRY INDUSTRY: https://bit.ly/3xkpXOg

📆 On Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 September 2021, from 3:30 pm, will take place the Online Training Seminars organized by UPI Puglia, as part of the MeDInno Project 👇
📣 In total there will be eight seminars, divided into four modules and dedicated, among other things, to the promotion of the project brand, and more generally, to the orientation of territorial marketing policies to maintain the balance between development and environmental, social and economic sustainability of the territories.
☑️ The fourth module “DIGITAL MARKETING” addresses some of the issues related to territorial marketing, the concept of “tourist itinerary” in a sustainable way and the combination of brand and territory, fundamental for the development and growth of the milk and meat production sector of the areas involved in the project 🥛🐐
👉🏻 The Seminars will be a unique opportunity to discuss and talk about opportunities, good practices, but also on the critical issues of the local agri-food sector, as well as a strategic starting point for a collaboration aimed at economic development, social and cultural territory 💪💪
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